~ The fog in Fear ~

~ The fog in Fear ~

Fear creates a mist amongst a moment, it slows down the motions, it creates a space to breathe. When faced with uncertainty fear often lurks, blindness lingers: it is here we often pause.

Waiting in this moment of unpredictability may be viewed as an opportunity to create, yet the fear of the possibilities may evoke insecurity, instability, an internal convulsion of motion that is awaiting focus, direction, instruction of which way to travel.

Fear envelopes the senses, it recoils and extends defenses. Fear has potential and also has power. When we access these arenas consciously we can meet the motions and raise our vibrations to the sensory experience and develop an ability to find a pathway that harmonizes with our core, often referred to as instinct.

We are evolving as a species, emotions are more than just a reference point, they are an experience, emotions give life to energy, they give personality to being.

When we recognise that our mode of transport is at the base of our motion’s we are conscious, we are residing in the knowledge of the unknown, we are aware of where we are and we own our presence.



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