When the storm arrives, remember it will depart…
For mother nature is many things but never cold at heart…

As humans, as living breathing beings on this planet we call earth, we weather many storms multidimensionally even if we are not consciously aware of its presence in every living moment.

Often a storm is related to changing seasons it is something we are subjected to by our environment.

Storms can also have an emotional connotation in the way that we process the experiences that we travel in and through; Just as the earth that we reside upon flows in the motions of its storms and becomes defined by these, we too travel within and through changing motions that define our experiences.

There is so much we can learn about the storm’s we motion in and through. Reflection serves as a useful tool for self-exploration, for external exploration, for mutual understanding and collaboration.

We are accountable when we choose to experience consciously and we are accountable when we choose to experience subconsciously and within this, we are accountable for the time we allocate, we are accountable for the pathways we select,we are accountable for what we choose to engage with and in. Therefore it is my belief that it is in the interest of humankind, of humanity for us to be accountable for kindness , for love, for hope, for gentleness and the motions which axis at the opposite of the scale such as fear, hate anger, something is only transformed when it is acknowledged in the value of its belonging.


From arrival to departure each and every one of us travel through storms, each memorable in their own context: sensational, perplexing, breathtaking, human moments.



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