~Recall and Recap ~

Recalling and recapping serves a significant purpose in the process of growth.

There are many experiences we recall over and over again absorbing pleasure from the memory of recapping a moment. There are also experiences we block, and suppress and do almost anything in our ability to prevent resurfacing the motions that flow within these.

In order to grow forward we must recall and recap and acknowledge experiences that reside in our subconscious and the motions within them.

While we always have the choice not to recap or recall particular experiences, doing so in acknowledgement of what they were and no longer are, enables us to work through the motions , this prevents motions from becoming blocked. When motions become blocked growth is inhibited.

As human’s, as both physical and non physical beings, we have the ability to create spaces where motions that were… are extracted for what they were and are not extracted into fear based responses in the present.

We are not always conscious of this ability until we acknowledge our innate ability to recognise the motions. This is where one must begin.


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