~To be human ~

What does it mean to be human? No matter how many times I consider this concept I arrive at the same place. It means living in experiences that roll from one to another… as we motion in the constant attempting to remain in the experiences we harmonise with… the longest.

This to and fro creates countless battles in the power arena of egos. When we acknowledge our existence in the motions, in the little things, the gentle things, in the love of all things possible, we expand our awareness into new realms.

When being human becomes a universal condition that resides in the motions of all and within this in the knowledge of infinite possibilities we discover fragments of a new world.
A world where oneness and openness breathe light. A world where we stop trying to trample on one another to reach a destination that is far beyond what one can currently comprehend. If the joy that you seek will bring discomfort to another then find an alternative path in the love of peace and patience.

Is this not how we learn to living more harmoniously as humans?







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