The lockdown has stirred many motions, some comfortable, some not so comfortable. The lockdown may also have brought relief for some at least in the interim but as this first phase continues it is only natural that the uncomfortable motions search for reasoning and a place to breathe…

Just because we are locked down does not mean we have to be locked out – We are social beings but we are also at times solitary beings. Modern society does not always allow for time for the second. Whilst we are in lockdown and unable to visit many of our favourite places, favourite humans, and overall go about our daily lives in the comfort of routine as we know it – We are not locked out –

The central core of all we are resides within us – this is something which has been locked down with us! Lockdown is providing us with an opportunity to rediscover this core – this presence – the one that is not always acknowledged in the value of its worth –

When the world goes quiet what do you do?

Our motions are a paramount part of our existence and it is natural that we fear the unknown – this is part of our defence mechanism. When we pause or when we are forced to pause this may trigger fearful motions – more so if pausing is not something which you have become accustomed to doing. Pausing brings us to our core presence but only when we process through the motions of fear that are triggered by the unknown, the unfamiliar, the uncertainty –

In the space between the no-things, we capture an element of who we are. In that pause, in that moment of a moment, we begin to transcend fear –

We might be locked down but we are not locked out from the discovery of self – such a valuable discovery to re-emerge with…. Go seek what is within and discover what is without…


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