We live in a world built on not good enough’s, on improvements, on upgrading, on competing and enslaving. We live in a world that craves flaws yet seek’s perfection. We live in a world of what if’s and not yet’s. We live in a world that is focused and driven by tomorrow, a world that wishes to manufacture and distribute depression to maintain it’s  pace and costly living.

We live in a world that attempts to avoid death by killing life, by killing time, a world that feels sad when the time feels slower and happiness when we experience time faster rather than embracing all time, all being’s, all life.

We live in a world that needs to wake up. As we motion evolution will do its part and it will be as painful for as far as it is allowed to extend on its own. If we work with it, with one another, with what is and not what’s not, the art of worrying will be transformed, the world will be transformed, if we choose not to participate, the world will still be transformed and as such it will be a painful transformation.


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