Hope, lives in and beyond what we know. It resides in the pockets of our passions, In the almost indescribable entities that are at the core of our consciousness, the core of who we are…

Hope.. many of us have it but how many of us recognise hope’s value? when we pause to reflect we find that hope resides in and beyond all places known, it is in the small things, the little things, the everything.

Everything we do, everything we engage in, everything we aspire and dream. Hope is at the core of our passion’s.

Even the passions we least embrace about ourselves, hope lives. Our world was created on someones or somethings hope, our realities individualistic as they are, are foundationally created through a hope that we had or hope that we lost or a hope that still remains within us.

It is on this continuum where we recognise that without hope, without knowledge of hope, without the existence of hope. We would not exist. Everything we create we place hope into, we cannot quantify it, we cannot contain it, we can embrace it.

It is with this gentle reminder that I want you to take hope and hold onto it. So that you will always know where to find it, in time’s when hope takes rest.


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