Some teachers bring new value to the term inspiration, a value that has the capacity to expand your perception into new worlds.

Then there are teachers provide you with a lock and the key and grant you with the means of unlocking it through their own suggestion.

Life teachers walk with you even when they are not physically present provoking gentle whispers of wisdom through the memory of their methods of teaching.

They guide you to a gateway patiently waiting for you to step through at your own pace, whilst evoking confidence and self-belief in the skills and knowledge you continuously develop on your journey.

True life teachers provide you not just with the source but with the substance to question the source and the inspiration to discover the meaning behind the answers you find. They allow you to explore and to be, and to develop awareness incomparable to any other.

The truth is… a true life teacher enables you to express yourself on many levels and the assistance they give you, and the guidance they allow you to share stems from their own learning… the value within this is irreplaceable…

For a true life teacher is not afraid to acknowledge that they too were once a student, they recognise that a real-life teacher never stops learning and they will share this with you, on your journey and on their journey as you learn and as you grow together and apart.

You realiseĀ a real-life teacher will never leave you, they are always near and will never be far, and in the quest of uncovering your existence, gentle reminders will be placed on your path when you need them the most, to give you guidance and love and evoke the belief you require to take that next step.




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