We cannot hold fear without holding love, and we cannot hold love without holding fear. Within everything we do we build or we disembark. If we are not building the bridge we are sailing the seas.

We travel by the means we are meant to and within this, time bears no weight to the concept of getting from where you are, to where you are going.

Often we don’t always know where we are headed, but it is important to accept that this is ok. We do not live in the then or the becoming for we are the becoming, we live in the now and what is important is the moment in the flux that we create.

This is the bridge between what is and what may be. This places balance within the choices that we consciously make.  However, it can also place value within the subconscious, how we activate this is a different matter, first we must acknowledge it.

This acknowledgement takes place by first acknowledging your own existence and by placing value not only in love but in fear because the value of one without the other creates imbalance, we were not born to be fearless, nor were we born to be loveless. We were born to become.


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