They say the only way to clear a path is to clear the path. There are times that no matter how much patience or understanding one may apply we all have limits, and whilst all of us uniquely so… are limitless, those limits have limits.

The limitless of life spans infinite, when we acknowledge our existence that owns this, we allow our self to place our own limitations, otherwise known as boundaries. It is not always easy to gage these across multiple settings, in multiple arenas at multiple times. It is a skill we develop within our experience as we expand our knowledge of all we already know and all that we encounter moment to moment.

If we get too comfortable the path becomes murky, we question, we doubt, we assume, we trust, and we create an expectation. It is here we lapse into an uncomfortable zone known as an unknown, known.

Sometimes it is not that we don’t know, it is that we choose non-knowing, everything is there in plain sight to see, we just have to see it, and it is no more wrong than right to not see everything, to not feel everything, to not see nothing, because in all that we are, and all we may become, and on every path we pave, and every path we clear, amongst it all, we are only human.



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