It’s funny the things we know and the things we don’t. The things we learn without questioning how we know how we learnt them.

Those things that we just know, the little things, the obscure things, the things that just come to us without us knowing that it was there to know in the first place.

The random thought of knowing what one knows is a vital process within actualisation of self.

To listen to your innate voice that has always been there will provide a fine line that could be enough to drive you crazy, yet enough to crack you wide open to the values that are based at the very core of your existence. The ones that were there before you were born, the ones that you brought with you. The values you seek when you are often unaware of what you seek, the ones you uncover in the essence of uncovering all you are. The value of you.

When your flow becomes blocked or hits a standstill, the things you know without knowing creep into a reflection of self, of the soul, of all you are and know. It is here we uncover the things we know, without knowing how we knew them to uncover.


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