I see me, do you see you?

I see me, do you see you?

What are you seeing, what are you feeling, what are you perceiving in all the aspects of your senses, when you look in the rear-view mirror?

This thought came to me while driving, at times I slow everything right down and view it as it is. When I do this I sense and feel things on a deeper level and words flow to me.

As I glanced in my rear view mirror the world around me appeared to be flowing in slow motion, or maybe I was. Then the thought came of I wonder what everyone else sees when they look in their rear-view mirror? cars, traffic, the world around them, and I thought I wonder if they see it boxed or open.

Boxed I use as the term when I refer to the world in all its restricted views. Open a term to refer to the world when you see it as it is.

To see the world in my rear-view mirror that day as boxed, all I would see would be traffic, roads, cars, and probably whatever mobile device I have in front of me, aiding my direction to whatever destination I had input.

But that day I was viewing the world exactly as it was…openly. The car motioned slowly, I saw people, children, mother’s fathers, happy sad, excitement, I have seen trees and plants and flowers, I have seen traffic lights, red, yellow, green, I see cars in a multitude, blacks, greys, blues. I was absorbing the world around me in slow motion.

Then it comes to me and I wondered if that rear-view mirror was our life what would we see?  and when we self reflect in our own rear view mirror are we doing so boxed or open? 


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