Comfort of change

Comfort of change

In the midst of all, we are who are we becoming? What are we travelling towards? How do we intend on getting there?

You see these are all relevant questions but when we recognise we live in constant change with an innate rejection towards change, we must question what are we resisting within the changing around us and also within us?

Change is scary because with it comes unpredictable urges not just by ourselves but by those around us and by the environments we find ourselves in.

Fear lives in change because in our human nature we like comfort, we like to feel comfortable in our own skin and around the people we can truly be ourselves comfortably.

Living in an ever-growing materialistic world where judgements unspoken are being cast the unpredictable thought of change can breed fear.

We must accept that we are all unique. We are not here to conform to one another’s ways but rather accept one another’s ways in an understanding that, we are all travelling and learning and within that growing.

We must try and minimise one another’s fears by supporting the changing occurring around us and within us. While being comfortable with the thought that, while one may be becoming one may be unbecoming to rebecome.




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