Sometimes life throws bricks and sometimes it throws mortar and then expects you to build a royal palace upon your holy quarter.

Sometimes  it hands a stick of wood and expects you build a bridge and then maybe a pack of stones from all you can salvage.

But at times it passes you a rock, you can place yourself upon, to sit and dream your heart out until all your dreams are done.

Life is not just about building it is about creation, we are a creation within ourselves therefore this is where our first love needs to begin.

Before we can dream, before we can build, we must have a self awareness of love only then will all we build be built in love. For We build within what we love, and through this repetition of loving we create and thus re-in force dreams into our daily reality. The very mortar we create with binds all we build and does so  in each stage and through each stage conciously and subconciously.

Our foundations solidify as we progress and if done so selflessly the love we hold in the depths of all we are strengthens in balance and in peace. For we are the Kings and Queens of our destiny.


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