searching universe

~Searching the universe ~

As we grow through this life do we ever wonder what it actually is that we are searching for? A person, a token, a happy ever after, the answer to all the questions that is unanswerable?

Somethings we search for are right in front of us, and sometimes they will appear when they are meant to and not a moment before. The nature of our world is so intertwined and so vast, sometimes remembering to flow within it can become forgotten as we focus too greatly on the things we believe we need the things we say we want. We give little regard to the micro moments that are ever so important

Things defining things could be possibly anything, somethings make our life more comfortable other things make our life bumpier. But what’s a good ride without a few bumps. If we are here on this earth plane to learn to grow but yet we do not find what we are searching for till our time nears end, what have we learned? to not wait on time?

If we stop searching do we lose part of our innate purpose to learn and grow? does our curiosity dim? Do we find what we believed we were searching for then become unsatisfied with the outcome…as humans do we seek perfection then pick fault with the idealism of it?

You see what we search for can often be found within each of us, we are searching for ‘things in external entities materials and objects, people and places. We do so without looking within, often creating unwanted expectations and illusions of what it is that we seek.

Yes these things bring a marvel of wonder and beauty of memories, but are they actually in the context of what you are searching for? When do we realise that what we search for is what we already known and that is within us.

When we locate what we seek and flow to it, it tunes into our search and it becomes almost a homing device. An endless beacon of beauty and love for we are seeking what is known within not without. We often find this at the  most precious times in life when we go through things over things and under things when we go without the things we expected to aid us in our journey.

Go and seek what is within and you will discover what is without …


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