What laws define judgement? Sometimes two wrongs don’t outdo a right…

Sometimes the laws of nature define judgement, and often the entwined in this are the laws of emotions which can send spirals and waves and high force winds that embark an individual’s judgement onto many a journey.

Nature has a way of bringing things into balance but inevitably we ourselves are our own judgement. Universally we own no right to judge another. At times one may often become preoccupied with it,and in its extremes when one human may endanger another,one must not judge but intervene with love in order to restore balance of the purest form of energy.

Good comes as bad comes, balance can be found dangling between the two. This does not mean that things should be condoned , but maybe understood. We must remember we are only ever human on this plane at least. Often emotions cause reactionary response’s that we may later regret or become resentful of causing  repression due to defence mechanisms within both the physical and non-physical. This is a natural process to many scenarios in life – embracing these moments can add value to the self reflective instances that will occur while we process.

We all go through this life on this earth plane together and we all grow and look back, and look on and look in. Self awareness is a necessary part of living.

Somethings may not be easy to digest, but all should be accepted in the understanding of what was and not what is.

Somethings may happen that we judge or out rule but fail to acknowledge due to lack of understanding.Also sometimes ignorance is bliss. We see this in the growing epidemic occurring through globalisation. Pain is being spread across nations, the ripples increased tenfold, through growing technologies that have their uses. Raising our empathetic vibrations.

Somethings are not for us to understand. To understand judgement we must first understand the laws of nature and those of oneself.


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