We are all born creative, we are here to create and we consciously and unconsciously create through our life span. We are all colourful shining in an auric rainbow’s.Although we do not always see it, others often recognise our glow before we feel it.

It is sad to note that as we grow the expectations of others and the society we modernly live in often reduce our abilities and natural ability to create. Usually not intentionally but through labelling and capitalism.

Through life’s demands sometimes we even forget the importance of self-expression , thus allowing oneself to become repressed even depressed, through critical judgement, through expectations, sometimes our own and sometimes through others.

We are creators, we create and we have done so for centuries for many reasons. Our creativity and curisity as humans has led to some marvellous discoveries. Sometimes we need to not forget the importance to create for ourselves and to do so beautifully. To express yourself through many arts is natural. Through your own art, painting, writing flowing, crafting, your own picture in whatever way you desire and you progress through your story of life.

We hold no age restriction only those imposed on us through expectation and demands; we are  beautiful being’s of love, when we begin to believe in our own potential we naturally create positively vibrantly and beautifully.



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