Often we will travel within moments and through moments. Choosing our mode of transport as we go. Walking and running and traveling with many like minded, and at times not so like minded soul’s. What we must remind ourselves is as we peak and begin to awaken it can be painful, this is because you are feeling and evoking a sense unknown. We live in changing constantly creating and re-creating and avoiding unknown.

As we begin to shine we will often not see it, we may project it, at times reject it, usually because we do not know it, but we own it. Sometimes as we start to shine it is seen by others, they give us hope and belief to continue in the direction we are following, hope in the road we are on. Sometimes we forget to listen , not to everything around us but everything within us. Even when we listen to whats within us, we do not always fully understand it. Maybe everything is not meant to be understood , maybe it is meant to be , we are meant to be, to flow in and through and with everything are, in each present moment as we awaken to ourselves by being.


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