Confucius states we cannot learn without reflection’ and to learn without relection is dangerous’.

From waking to sleeping we could say , we are contiualy learning but what methods do we choose to learn by?  Are we concious of them?  do we conciously reflect by them? or does this become natural as we grow. As we learn as we visualise where we are growing to..instead of going to …

Maybe we dont go to where we are journeying maybe we grow there. Not always conciously but constanty in a universal light we are becoming as we are growing. From the begining to the end.

A circular motion that we are maybe not always aware of or prepared for.. the reflection side what comes with and from wisdom as we grow we adapt to this method.

Dangers we flow through in a state of knowing and sometimes in a state of not knowing, as we learn to reflect we develop an understanding that dangers become less intimate if we grow through them in a reflective state. This allows us to conciously aspect our part in it and have patience and understanding not just with ourselves but with those participating. We rarly grow through things alone, therefore the importance of acknowledging anothers part is fundemental to our growth of humanity. Not everything which occurs is meant for us , directly sometimes reflection may draw us to step back , and accepting that this is ok is a major step to our understanding of peace and love. Not just for others but for ourselves. Learning to be a light of love and patience is not something that comes naturally to us as we age, but is something we are born with and to be.  When we reflect , we develop into a deeper being of understanding. This automatically draws us into hope and guided compassionate patience.


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