A miracle to begin with ...

                       A miracle to begin with …

The day that you were born ,I became part of something,
Somebody else…You…On that day a part was taken from me and placed within you, the emptiness of the place left behind,
was filled with unconditional and irreplaceable love. For you are my child my flesh my blood my life. Time my darling.. time is just an essence a gift from life that allows us to create human moments our moments, special moments just me and you.


Sometimes when we need a miracle, we need to pause, think, search to where we can embark upon the many miracles that surround and light up our world already. We need to discover deep down within the depths, the light of our own beauty and shine. For to find a miracle , we need to acknowledge the many reason’s that miracles occur in the first place.

For where everything appears to be nothing, there will be something, we just have to find the beauty within it, and when we do, grab it gently with both hands, and allow it to shine, to find its wings , and to fly. For it is only when we are enabled to grow, we find an inner miracle within each of us.

You see there is a hope , we are born with it . We bring it with us; each and every one of us is this miracle.  We bring hope and love and life into this world as we embark upon our journey. We may not know what our little footprints may step upon or how these miracles are going to transpire , but as we gently awaken to our being like seedlings our world around us nurtures us into our present. It is with an awakening to these present moments we find an actualisation of the hope, the one we brought with us at the start. Not one from all around us but all that is  in us.

Sometimes this can become distantled or lost or misplaced. When we re embarked upon it its like re awakening ~ Things seem brighter cleaer like you have always known them and that is because you have , in the world we live in things can become clouded. But if they didnt, how would we ever learn pr begin to understand or acknowledge what we know, it is no good coming to a world already knowing everything or believing or thinking we know everything when we know nothing. We just need to have hope and endevour to undertsand that through the nurtue of everything the nature of anything will proceed along a journey your journey …


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