~ Compete or Crave ~

Do we compete or do we crave? Do we balance as we attempt for both? There is a temperamental chaos within both it is healthy to compete and it is healthy to crave. Although some may argue cravings are not always healthy. What if you crave your dreams? What if you crave to hope to inspire. What if my friend, what if you compete to crave your most innate potential?
When we discover that there is a balance within everything and within this everything there is a patient lingering of a present time that cannot be taken or negotiated all it can be is as it is. Within that we have this content that is us, as we age we contextualize what we crave or have craved. At times replenishing new moments; doing so with our every present moment. Where our innate potentials drive our inspiration always.
Competition can be unhealthy ~ craving can be unhealthy but everything can be unhealthy without balance. But we are only human understanding various aspects of the whys and the hows and our attachment to objects and beings can give us an insight in to how we may be driven to certain values. However it is worth bearing in mind that no one travels along the same path, we all inevitably end up at the same destination and it is not a competition to get there and i as one am not craving to be there just yet.
So one must question what are you competing for what are you craving for and why, and how will this benefit you and your hopes and your dreams and the potential you hold within you to reach the balance you strive for as an individual. Life will through curve balls, and choices it would not be life if it did not. But ask yourself what are you craving, what hope is in the depth of that craving. Is it driving you to compete? If so who are you competing against and why?
You are journeying towards a meaning, your meaning, do it with purpose , do it with love , do it with patience and most of all do it with the understanding that you are surrounded by inspiration, and at times by like-minded people that have no need to compete but to complete.


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