Aspire to dream to be..

Sometimes we begin to shine. It is often seen before us rather than by us, The key is to listen to what you don’t see..

Do we aspire to Create? When we are dreaming do we realise our potential. Do we see what we are dreaming, how often do we notice , when we are dreaming. Even when we are consciously able and not in a dream like state. Are we consciously aspiring to just be what we see.
Sometimes we are what we are. Being what we aspire to create, what we inspire through our greatest potential is often what we need is what is speaking right through our inner voice. We don’t always hear this yet it never goes unheard. We may not always hear it but someone does. Sometimes we may know what we feel but present a sleep like state to our potential, but connecting through our souls can often awaken this when others see things within us we recognise but do not hear. We aspire but seek further inspiration.
This can come through soul connections, when our being becomes blocked and be cannot consciously connect to what we aspire to be, often it is seen before us; others within our soul group may step in to gently aid us, prompt us , and to guide us. They may already be walking with us, or they may appear at times of need , or at times when we require a new spark of inspiration to lift us to a greater height of our own inner potential. One which already exists within us but due to a variation of reasoning we cannot hear or feel or see it.
Life holds many keys, although we are only on one path upon that path there is much inspiration, many roads, when we learn ways of listening of seeing of feeling, our aspiration becomes more conscious. We become more self-aware.

Through you, through me, through us, through connections we create we aspire to inspire one another. This is what we do consciously and subconsciously, through human moments, through present moments, through our moments, through our dreams , through recognition of these dreams and others dreams.


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