Patiently ~ Waiting ~ Observing

How do we define patience? How do we recognise our own and acknowledgement of it and of others? Do we relate and understand the two may intertwine and sometimes another’s need for patience may not be a direct impact of your lack of. Sometimes things happen in time, just as they are, in the present time.
As we patiently observe we become more aware of our own existence and of others needs and existence too, and this is important. Because we move around, in day to day life, therefore patience constantly exists. It is also tested and questioned, and rationalised and opinionated amongst other things. Everyday patience is a tested seed of life’s bearing. As we tred ground and gather pace we can easily become entangled in time and in everyday routines and happenings. We need to remind ourselves that this is ok we are physical beings. We are amongst all things human.
But by being aware of our space, by acknowledging another’s space by enabling ourselves to place a separation between the two without intrusion we are able to find a patient place. Where there is no judgement, where we recognise our path and the steps we take, at the same time as acknowledging the path and steps another takes; we see it as their choosing and that is ok. We may sit, we may wait, and we may even contemplate.
It may be important even to recognise that in heated moments would you be the spark , would you add to the flames, would you quietly let it burn out…would you firefight in a constant spiral… or would you acknowledge its desire . Questions I still ask myself when I find myself in certain situations…
No matter how far we get through life we are always tested in timely patience and it is ok to be that, what we need to remind ourselves; In our conscious being of reflection is  we are learning and growing and unlearning and relearning. For we are only and will only ever be human in this lifetime. But to reflect upon these things is of great importance to us. It walks with us on our journey , through our path, and with those we share, and we hope other’s may reflect with like-minded patience and understanding. And so our journey continues…step by step…softly…patiently


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