vibrationsHow doe we find our feet when new vibes take us , what do we do with them , what are they , how do they manifest , where do they come from? where are they going to take us? So many questions with so many possible outcomes. We go where we feel, directed by our inner compass, sometimes needing gentle reminder’s to maintain the path healthy to our own nurture and growth

Our feet can so delicately lift us through our vibrational sensations, or they can hastily rush us into moments that make us feel like we are free-falling, but eventually they catch up with us. They always catch up with us at some point smoothly we tred when we discover that our feet are on new vibrational ground, uncertainty often meets us in the changing. This one of the highest peaks of of energy field; the changing in the change.

Remaining positive during these times will attract the right senses to bring us into focus as we step towards our goals.  Questioning in the right proportion, figuring out where it is we are going and what is it we are aiming to achieve while positivly re-inforcing as we step into new vibes. Feel them and breathe them vibes and smile.

Energy goes where attention flows, therefore it will manifest within the directions you place it, the vibrations presented to you will grow through you and out toward where ever your going and you will step into each new present moment.

Love is the purest energy of all! love yourself!


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